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Bedding wool Camel Dark + Cashmere Benjamin White 160x200


woolmark woolmark

Grammage: 690 g/m2 (duvet 160x200 + 2 pillows 45x75)


Bedding wool Camel - Elegance - Incredible Durability - Warm

Bedding wool Cashmere - Light - Fluffy - Exclusive for allergies

Bedding wool Camel is produced from camel two-humbed race Baktarian living in areas of Mongolia, China, North Africa and South America having thick and long hair that color from light to dark. Very extreme conditions these animals such as temperatures below zero and very high during the day caused that wool breathes, let the air in and not sweating under it. Wool is heated our body in winter and cool down in summer and to keep body temperature providing a calm sleep.


Camel wool in shades of brown and beige is obtained :

* BROWN - with upper body
* BEIGE - the lower abdomen



Bedding wool cashmere have a thick, soft, thin white long hair which is also very delicate and fluffy, for this reason cashmere wool bedding products are ideal for children and babies. The raw material of cashmere wool production is rare, the production of raw material of wool might vary between 200 grams to 400 grams per year only.


Cashmere wool bedding are originally from Asia, they have as natural habitat the region of Himalayas. They are responsible for the raw material production of cashmere wool bedding products which are known for their high quality.


Cashmere goats are adapted to live in extreme environments , they developed a special condition to survive different levels of temperature and with unique features which are extremely useful for wool bedding high quality products.


Camel wool + Cashmere wool bedding keep a constant body temperature and also antiallergic and helps the circulation, aliminates symptoms of cold feet and hands, to speed up the process transfer heat hich has a positive impact on changes in the muscles. .

Camel wool + Cashmere wool bedding has anti-allergic properties because of the high lanolin content covering all her hair addition wool protects the hair from getting dirty.

Due to the high content of lanolin from camel wool + wool Cashmere represent an additional barrier to the habitat of mites parasitic mites from the group contributing to a number of symptoms of allergic diseases such as:

* Frequent difficulty breathing
* Frequent allergic skin irritant
* Frequent itching
* Frequent cough
* Frequent runny nose
* A common problem with tearing of eyes

*** Therefore, we are confident that the quilt wool is non-allergenic bedding ***

Wool bedding eliminates the positive ions which, unfortunately, due to today's advances in technology more and more experience through the use of work equipment such as computer, laptop, cell phone, i-phone, television nowadays that interfere with the nervous system result of which are the symptoms::

* Headache
* fatigue
* hyperactivity
* nervousness
* Reduced the body's resistance
* Lack of concentration
* Feeling anxious
* Trouble sleeping

Due to the presence of negative ions between the sheets of woolen, and hence the negative ionization Camel Wool + Cashmere wool. Negative ions neutralize positive ions restoring the body to balance the so-called homeostasis, which is often disturbed by external factors electromagnetic fields (electrosmog) even after a hard day in cramped offices electronics charged while sleeping in bed woolen remove fatigue because we neutralize the positive ions after long hours of work in the areas of saturated electronics.

I think that the best example of the possibilities breath of a large amount of negative ions are frequent stays in the mountains and forests of the sea with waterfalls, therefore, if not always and certainly not every day we have the opportunity to be very close to nature where in the above mentioned areas, the air is full of the high content of negative ions bedding wool seems to be the ideal solution for people who want to feel a lot better, and not just for a few days but for years while denying the symptoms that are caused precisely by (electrosmog) or positive ions.


In our offer you will find Wool Camel and Wool Cashmere such as:

* Camel Wool Bedsheet
Camel Wool Duvets
Camel Wool Underblanket
Camel Wool Mattress
Camel Wool Bedclothes
* Camel Wool Beding Sets
Camel Wool Bedsheet

* Cashmere Wool Bedsheet
* Cashmere Wool Mattress
* Cashmere Wool Blanket
* Cashmere Wool Pillow
* Cashmere Wool Duvet
* Cashmere Wool Bedclothes
* Cashmere Wool Bedding Sets




Price: 236.00 £